Date Night Zoanthid 2 Head WYSIWYG


Date Night Zoa 2 Head WYSIWYG

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Zoanthids and Palythoa can tolerate different levels of lighting. They prefer low to high lighting depending on the individual Zoanthid. If they start to stretch, it can be a sign of them needing more light.

Zoanthids and Palythoa can tolerate low to high flow. If the flow is too strong they might struggle to open this depends on the individual Zoanthid.

Zoanthids and Palythoa like most other coral rely largely on their zooxanthellae for food, however, they also benefit from direct feeding using a small particulate or liquid food.

Please take caution when handling Zoanthids and Palythoas as they contain varying levels of palytoxin.

Please check out our Dead On Arrival Policy for more information.